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Ek Aaina - Gujare Palon Ka

by Akash Bharti

ISBN: 9781545718681

Pages: 76, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Dear readers, This is my first book, in which the feelings of true love have been expressed. Love is a wonderful feeling, which can be done by every human. Whether it is done with our parents or siblings or best friends or a lover. The love of parents or other is easily found, but the love of the lover is very much found only by the lucky ones. According to my book, I want to tell readers that the love of a boyfriend and girlfriend is like the two aspects of a coin in which one has to meet and split on the other side. Through my book, I have tried to tell the reader the fluctuations in love and the meeting between them, or to split it and then after them through their poems. I hope that this book "Ek Aaina Gujare Palon Ka..." Will be successful in building your place in the hearts of all of you...