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EMEG - A Face Off with Fear

by Dinesh Chandwani

ISBN: 9781545702635

Pages: 278, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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A Biography of a South Asian traveller whose subconscious mind wants to be in a peaceful state but is always distracted. His emotions vary with the places he travels and the nationalist inside him perks out the differences between the third and the first world. EMEG is an emotional rollercoaster journey of a traveller in the backyard of extreme sports. The perception of drugs and atheism progresses around him as he keeps meeting random people on his journey. His relationships are screwed over drugs and pregnancy. His reactions are perceptive and vary from the generic mentality of Indians. EMEG is all about the writer`s insight of the outer world. The travel stories are focused on Australian thinking and Indian mindset. Does the fear of retaliation keep him away from the world? How does the New world order and the Indian society ruin the writer`s psyche and murders his childhood dreams?. Does he live through it?