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Essentials of Hospital Management & Administration

by D L Ramachandra

ISBN: 9781545718841

Pages: 231, 8x11, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Many of the chapters in this book deals with the principles of management to be applied by the hospital managers and administrators to guide them and make them understand their responsibilities. This book is briefly explains the important and essential aspects of hospital planning, design, organization of outpatient and inpatient departments, management of hospital human resources, maintenance of medical record section, hospital waste management like collection, segregation, transport and disposal of hospital waste products, management of hospital infection control system, marketing of health service, public relations in hospitals, ethics in medical practice and other various aspects of hospital administration which is useful ready guide for hospital administrators. This book will certainly help many doctors, hospital administrators, nurses, paramedical staff, hospital management post graduate students and other medical fraternity. Dr. D. L. Ramachandra