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Evolve - Steps to Enhance and Change Your Life

by Ralph Gabriel

ISBN: 9781545707296

Pages: 114, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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With the primary objective of serving as a guide for enhancement of mental and physical abilities, the book is not only practical and concise but also easy to follow. This book contains, as suggested by the title, eight exercises that hold the key to boosting your overall being. With precise directions and short introductions, the exercises allow you to escape the torture of flowery but pointless elaborations. The book itself is divided into two sections. While one section deals with enhancement of the mind, the other focuses on the development of the body. Central to the ideology of the book is the notion that the mind and body cannot evolve independently. Spending hours in the library without paying attention to your physical health or perhaps 'gym-ing' it away for several hours daily without exercising your cognitive skills is not the path to success. But worry not, for this book will help you evolve in a balanced way by introducing basic changes into your daily life at a manageable pace that will assist you in not just reorganizing and prioritizing what seems to be a chaotic life, but will also ensure you feel happy and gratified along the way.