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Experimental and Numerical Studies on Axi Symmetric and Non Axisymmetric Deep Drawn Cups

by B V S Rao

ISBN: 9781545729915

Pages: 67, 6x9, English
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Genre: Academic

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This book deals with Experimental and Numerical Studies on Axi Symmetric and Non-Axisymmetric Deep Drawn Cups. Deep drawing is the process of converting a blank into cup shaped articles. In this process, for performing many calculations the sheet metal thickness is generally taken as constant. In reality, thickness of sheet metal varies throughout the walls of cup. This is undesirable as non-uniform thickness leads to defects like cracks or failures. The variation in thickness can be minimized by selecting optimum parameters of process. The aim of this work is to vary the drawing ratio, blank size and blank material and investigate variation in side wall thickness. This will further enable us to predict and prevent formation of cracks. In addition to this the minimum clearance required to be maintained between the punch and die during ironing operation can be determined using this information. The studies reveal that the bottom corner radius of cup is a source of initial fracture. In deep drawing for the final dimensions of the drawn shape to be successfully achieved, the exact initial blank area or diameter is required. It should be large enough to supply required amount of metal to complete the cup. In this work the Optimum values of blank area is obtained both analytically and numerically for nonstandard axisymmetric cups as well as non-axisymmetric cups which will help in preventing defects in deep drawn cups.