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Fair and the Foul - The Unheard Screams

by Saikumar Deshmukh

ISBN: 9781545708231

Pages: 137, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This novel is a result of successful failure, Fair and the foul is a long saga in which Saikumar and Aishu are friends since childhood. As they grow up, sai starts loving Aishu. But he never tells her his feeling thinking that it will ruin their friendship. During this time Aishu gets a boyfriend. In this span, sai and Aishu starts fighting and they had arguments over little things. Finally they break their friendship and move on in their respective lives. Saikumar goes to a new college and falls for a beautiful girl Naina. When Sai and Naina are in relationship, Aishu calls him back and apologizes for her mistakes. Now he has to make a big decision between Aishu and Naina. On one hand there is a girl to whom he loved for the life and on the other hand there is a girl who loved him. What will he do? You can reach the author by email: Or you can follow him on instagram: