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Fifty Shades of Love

by Kumar Kaushik

ISBN: 9789385247507

Pages: 162, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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After the long dull period of Romanticism poetry, this book will again try to bring back the beauty of Romantic poems. Inside the book "Fifty Shades of Love" you will get access to more than seventy Poems which will touch your heart and reflect on you. Poems may take you to the days when you were in love or make you imagine a world where love is the only language. All these romantic poems will surely give you inspiration, creativity and feelings. You can take one poem and reflect upon it. You could also use a poem and gift it to a loved one to show your gratitude or just say thank you in a unique way. The book celebrates Love in different shades as Love doesn't come in one color or one shade but in different shades. Poems written in the book will come in very handy especially when you need to be inspired to find your own words of saying "I Love You" in a very special, personal and unique way. If you dedicate a special Love Poem for someone special, he or she will never forget the moment.