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FINDING JOBS - Searching For The Perfect Career

by Bonnie Baabu

ISBN: 9781618135100

Pages: 194, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Finding Jobs is a book that is solely designed to assist fresh grads and industry professionals during their job search journey. A deliberate attempt is made to link technology with real job search scenarios. This book gives readers a realistic view of what they can expect from today's job market. A lot of emphasis is given on technology and how it is impacting today's hiring scenario. Interesting topics to read: Building great Communication etiquette, Managing social & professional media channels, How to manage a potential employer research effectively? Social Networking, Face to Face Networking 101, How to digitally clean your on-line profile page? Innovations in HR- what to look out for? Consider this book as a preparation guide before you embark on your job search journey. This book definitely opens up doors for discussion on new technological changes that are well hidden from the out-side candidate market. It further motivates candidates to adapt and use on-going technological changes to their advantage to enhance their candidature skills. Reference files: The end chapters provide global website links and references for 100+ job sites to be explored by job seekers keen on identifying local or international assignments.