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The Fire Within

by Nirmala K

ISBN: 9781545712160

Pages: 197, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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'The fire Within' is the story of a young widow who has to suffer the consequences of a bad marriage. The heroine, married to a successful doctor, has to put up with a man addicted to drink and drugs despite his charming exterior. He abuses her physically. She has also to put up with the conflicts in a joint family they have a child, a girl. When she can no longer adjust to his actions she decides to leave him. She moves back with her parents, acquires a job and brings up her daughter. She does not grant a divorce. After many years, he returns, they patch up. But he dies soon after, leaving her a widow. She marries her daughter off, falls victim to cancer, but survives. Such victims of domestic abuse are present everywhere in society. The story of the heroine would hopefully provide inspiration to all such desperate women, and make them fight for survival in the midst of all obstacles in life.