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Five Signs of Love

by Meith Jain

ISBN: 9781618134813

Pages: 197, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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THREE BEST FRIENDS…THREE LIFELINES OF EACH OTHER…STRONG BONDING BETWEEN EACH OTHER…. Karan was brought up in Pune, a small town, in Maharashtra. He was staying with his mom in order to pursue Masters after completing the bachelor’s degree. His two lifelines were Sanket and Sejal, with whom he shared a very strong bonding. On Teachers’ Day, Karan's life met a sudden change when the announcement of STATE SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT was made. Karan didn't believe in love but, one fine day, his heart started irregularly beating when he unexpectedly met the love of his life, "Meghna". Though Karan didn't believe in Love, but those five signs of love made him believe in True Love.