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Forbidden Destiny

by Anahita Karthik

ISBN: 9781618138224

Pages: 321, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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“I am Diti and I've lived a normal life. Until now.”Living in a small town in a state like Alvel can be quite ordinary for you.....if you're a normal person. But not if you're a rule breaker.Ever since their mom died, and their dad took up that mysterious job, Diti and her younger brother Kriteesh's life has been nothing but mundane existence. But then she ventures out into the Forest..... Past the fence, and her entire life takes a 360 degree turn. The so called 'accidents' have a totally baffling reason to them, and the Forest isn't as it has always seemed. Then enters Nirvaan, the intimidating boy in the Forest, with a mysterious past, who draws her attention in a way she never would've imagined. With the sudden turn of events, Diti must learn to accept that the world isn't as normal as it seems. Exposed to a totally different side of the world, whose secrets have for long remained unknown, she must embrace that she is special. And meant.....for something more. One thing leads to another, and with unexpected revelations at every turn, the trio find themselves diving into a whirlwind of adventures. In the very first installation of the series, the journey to seek the unknown is unleashed.