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Garden of Secrets


ISBN: 9781618134578

Pages: 120, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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There lies an astounding spiritual depth in the teachings of the Sufi Mystics. The Sufi Mysticism consists in endeavoring to reconcile the doctrines of all religions of the world through the philosophy of love. This piece of art is founded upon the teachings of the Sufi Mystics. The current problem of terrorism, in the name of Jihad, has blighted the lives of many people. This book will reveal the true meaning of Jihad, as the doctrine of Sufism accentuated on inner Jihad, which means the closing of one's heart to the inner enemies of retaliation, envy and infidelity. This book also covers the foremost topics like the mystery of love, the status of women in Sufism, science of transformation, management lessons in Sufism, relevance of the Spiritual Master, controlling the Nafs and, most significantly, the Fifteen Fundamentals of life. The book covers the teachings of Persian Mystic "Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi" (in the world of Sufis, Rumi is the Emperor) and many other Sufi Mystics from the past. This book is a gift, an experience of the divine and therefore; it is recommended to be read periodically to reinforce the key messages of the Sufi Mystics in one's life. Remember, the path of spirituality is not easy for those who seek temporary happiness. It is a journey of hardship, and one must keep an enormous amount of patience and blind faith in the master's teachings to pursue permanent peace and happiness. Note: The author makes no claim to being either an Islamic Scholar or a Spiritual Master. The author is merely a seeker of love through the teachings of the Sufi Mystics.