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Geeta Rashmi

by Raas Lal

ISBN: 9781545718964

Pages: 129, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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When a human being resides on earth, he keeps on roaming without rest. He keeps wandering endlessly. When he descends on a dense, thorn-filled jungle of this earth, he originally has the aim of attaining Almighty God and he accordingly makes a resolution in his heart to achieve Almighty God. However, when finds himself among unknown persons, such unknown persons ( who take the role of his parents, brothers, sisters etc), appear to him as if they are his own. So his original objective of attaining God disappears from his heart and he becomes immersed and engaged in collecting material objects and fulfilling material desires on a physical platform. Though he knows that life will soon conclude, he keeps wandering in the Company of his relatives and friends and takes enjoyment in their society. By doing so, he fails and forgets to bask in the divine, love-filled grace of God. Gita-Rashmi enlightens and inspires the reader to move our heart to the everlasting and pure love for God. It teaches us to dispel the darkness spread in the life of human beings with the help of wonderful and powerful, bright rates of Almighty God. It teaches us to change of direction of our love more towards God in the form of Bhakti.