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A Gestalt Aether Theory on the Nature of Light and Related Phenomena - A New Physics

by Dilip D James

ISBN: 9781545703182

Pages: 350, 5x8, English
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Genre: Academic

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Gestalt Aether Theory recognizes that a reality must exist outside of the ordered Universe that we live in, but claims that it is a reality that is represented by chaos, where anything can and does happen; where multiple Universes are possible and where time, place and causality have no meaning. Gestalt Aether Theory explains physics in terms of the ordered Universe that we live in; quantum mechanics and Standard Theory attempt to explain physics in terms of the chaos that exists outside of the ordered universe. Take for instance the propagation of light from a point A to a point B situated a hundred meters away. Quantum mechanics would have one believe that from the time that light leaves the point of origin to the time that it is detected, that it ceases to have a corporeal existence and exists instead as a probability wave-function. In this state it is everywhere and nowhere at once, in order to cover the hundred meters from point A to B it has to first enter into multiple Universes ( hence the multi-verse theory ). GAT on the other hand explains the propagation of light from A to B in terms that reflect reality. According to Gestalt Aether theory light travels through a medium and as a consequence spreads out in accordance with the inverse square law. GAT, states that light is a wave possessing some of the characteristics of a particle, somewhat like the ultrasonic sound waves used in lithotripsy, where a sound wave is used to break stones; namely a wave that possesses some of the properties of a particle, and can therefore retain its individual energy ( Identity) independently of the intensity of the wave. Thus light in GAT (Gestalt Aether Theory) propagates just as any other wave travelling in a medium. It follows the same rules as the waves that are created when a stone is dropped into a pool of water. The whole of the ordered Universe, including gravity, neutrinos, radio-waves and super-conductivity are explained in similar terms.