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Glory At Dawn

by Sidhanth Majumder

ISBN: 9781618134066

Pages: 264, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Defense Minister Nehra is abducted by a group of terrorists in a plane who then allegedly crashes it in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Having successfully escaping Nehra out of it, the wrecked plane supplied only few details- no survivors and no black-box in it. Out to the world, Nehra is eventually considered as "presumed dead". Unsatisfied with the reality, India's Chief of Army Staff, Digvijay starts his operation to find the terrorists, the mastermind and Nehra wherever his is- dead or alive. CBI of Mumbai branch lends its help under the command of Inspector Malik after going through the recovered footages from the Worli bridge where the plane had landed and took off. One man is seen with him and he is found with few more men who happen to be sleeper-cells, living on rent in Mumbai. On the other hand, an ex-RAW agent, Zulfiqar, makes a contact with his old employer Digvijay after he heard about the crash. He shares with him what he had heard about a Somalian agent telling him about the tribesmen who went to the sea and shot the plane. To contact the ex-RAW agent in Dubai, Malik sends Don, a fugitive, under assurance of his lady aide Neha. He flies to Dubai to meet and work with the agents. Using more and more friends-of-friends, they come in contact with a suicide bomber, a young boy named Wasim. But, before they reaches him, Wasim is already forced to do his work- explode himself from inside an Indian ship docked in an Israeli harbour during an Indian-Israeli strategic armament. Simultaneously, he sleeper cells in India are killed by NSG troops. But following the attack in the ship, Verma, a veteran soldier, who is sent to Somalia to contact the agents, discovers about the Arabic fundraiser of the Operation, an arms' dealer.