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by Chilkit Pareek

ISBN: 9781618138064

Pages: 86, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Indian cuisine known all over the world for its spices, aroma and variations (multi regional cultured tastes) the main part regarding Indian cuisine is “GRAVY”.As the first of its kind I have written this book on ‘GRAVY SOUL OF INDIAN CUISINE’. In this book I have presented the different kinds of Gravies with authentic recipes and their descriptions. I have also added some popular and traditional delicacies as well. If we look at these we can find some of Chef-special recipes of mine. We can know about the origin of Gravies. Simultaneously special ingredients, special utensils, special method and authentic traditional garnishing with their multiple aspects. It is not just a book but it’s an attempt to make the Indian gravy as simple and understanding as it is special at taste. It plays a very important role for the culinary students and the professional cooks and home cooks as well.