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Gyan Marg

by Amit Dhanda

ISBN: 9781618135360

Pages: 141, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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This book is a debut collection of devotional songs and hymns in Hindi/ Haryanvi by a promising, young and budding poet Amit Dhanda. He is a college going student and his imaginations and thoughts are very pure, pristine and raw that are reflected in his poems. His poems speak of God as the ultimate truth. All the poems are very simple and smell of a rural Haryana. However, the poems have a global appeal because he talks of humanism, simplicity and inner peace. He motivates people to choose a righteous path despite today's materialistic world that is driven by desires. His passion for writing has mostly been inspired by his association with his spiritual Guru and devotion towards God. The book contains more than 50 poems in Hindi/Haryanvi mix that has been written in a very simple, easy and comprehensible language. The book will appeal to a cross section of readers who are inclined towards spiritualism and believe in a religion of peace and humanism. For easy understanding of poems and songs, the meanings of some words that have been taken from Haryanvi dialect have been given as a footnote.