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Hindi For Beginners

by Dayaram Singh

ISBN: 9781618134349

Pages: 140, 6x9, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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About The Book

There are many books in market on the language. Many websites are running for Hindi learning. But after viewing them, I found them not meeting the requirements of learners because of their less importance on core areas of the language. I have written this book for beginners. Learners will find the book easy and interesting. This has been written in a simple and lucid way. Emphasis has been laid on gender determination, because this is the area where learners make most of the mistakes. The most important feature of the book is its transliteration. Whole of the book has been covered by transliteration. Numerous examples have been given for better understading of the grammar. Important conversational sentences have been given with a list of verbs and important day to day list of vocabulary. Exercise for self check has been given with solution in the end of the book. Readers will be provided the audio version of the book free of cost on demand. I'll email it to the readers in mp3 format. Email address has been mentioned in the preface of the book.

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