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Hindi Laghukatha Ke Siddhant

by Bhagirath Parihar

ISBN: 9781545719794

Pages: 140, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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'Principles of Hindi mini stories or 'Hindi Laghukatha ke siddhant' are a collection of essays written during past four decades. It is a non-fiction book very useful for researchers, readers and writers. Going through the pages of book one could find the history of mini-stories in Hindi literature. This newly form of writing had no established principles. Authors writing mini-stories had to discover its principles. This new form of writing was opposed by the established writers. They hurl many charges against it. They said it is useless writing or at the most it's an exercise in writing. They pointed out many weaknesses of it. There were many controversies raised by inside circle and outside circle of authors. One could find the mention of all this in the book. The problems of mini-story writing are also dealt with. The concept of 'Laghukatha' is very well explained in one of the articles. The process of creative writing, the technique of mini-stories is explained with examples. I can say almost all issues relating to principles have been included in it.