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by Shubhankar Sharma

ISBN: 9781618133021

Pages: 289, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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'The problem with not burning the bridges after crossing them is that the past catch up pretty quickly.' Detective Alfonse finds his life in an outright turmoil after the murder of his dearest, Adalyn Cooper by a notorious serial killer that eventually triggered his irrevocable transformation and haunts his present. Months after, a new series of murders surfaces rife with anomalies and cloak and dagger which unravel the existence of a nefarious organization. Further investigation leads him to believe the involvement of his fellow associates and narrows down a suspect who once used to be Alfonse's colleague and could be very well involved in this conspiratorial scheme. Whilst being entangled in the web of lies, deceit and betrayal, will Alfonse be able to outwit his opponent? Or will he end up getting soaked in his own blood somewhere remote? How a kamikaze detective like Alfonse will close in on his enemy with this case with multiple realities linked to it?