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Hopelessly in Love - With Someone or Something

by Namrata Dhar

ISBN: 9781545703472

Pages: 199, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Thanks to the philosopher Sahil, 20 year old Nirali doesn't feel lonely anymore. They talk about the purpose of their lives. Nirali starts finding the meaning of her life but would that be easy? Ticking everything off her goals list and writing a bestseller is her dream but she doesn't know what to write. Sahil is an enigma and there's more to just him. Nirali doesn't know why he is the way he is? What made him, him? What story is he hiding? He too has a dream and a promise to keep. But what would happen eventually is a story to be explored. Hopelessly in love is a story of following your passion, chasing dreams and exploring life amidst the chaos that surrounds us.