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Horizon - Achieving the Unattainable

by Kshitij Singh

ISBN: 9781545702796

Pages: 124, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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'Horizon- Achieving the Unattainable' is a poetry collection written by Kshitij Singh. The poetry collection possesses great range of poems, ranging from poems on soldiers and cricket to Spirituality and Success. The poet also puts forth his own outlook on spiritual intelligence and how meditation and finding one's own true potential can help one in achieving the unattainable, as the title goes. In this poetry collection, the poets emphasizes on emotions and feelings such as sportsmanship, passion, and the genuine affection between family relations. The poet also stresses on the significance of being emotionally intelligent. The book also contains a number of poems on the value of motherly love. This book also contains poems on the altruistic and benevolent temperament of Mother Nature and reveals his fervent and passionate love for soccer through many poems. The poet has also made an attempt of writing on social stigmas such as poverty. All in all, the poet wishes to establish and affirm the universal thoughts of Lord Buddha such as, 'ap deepo bhav' meaning 'enlighten the candle within you'.