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Human Nature - Inward & Outward - Guide to Behaviors & Thoughts of People, to Your Thoughts and Patterns of Behaviors

by Vishal Pinglikar

ISBN: 9781618138477

Pages: 100, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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If we somehow make ourselves able to clear this fog of material world and perceive all there that really is and surrounds us are humans and their activities. The wealth and poverty of the nations, strategical decisions, professions, businesses, relationships, powers, sadness, happiness, wars, peace, progress, and expeditions are all related to humans. How important is then to understand fellow humans? Ironically, it is the topic of least interest or is just assumed to be inferior when compared to any other material topic. While the research in transport industry is important, It is also important to have good relations with travelers as they use transport facility. Advertising, investment, innovations cannot be directed in correct direction unless the director is fully aware of the humans he is going to direct these things for. This book deals with all practical aspects of human nature. It talks in detail about the outward manifestations of its inward world. It makes us aware of the behavior patterns of types of people in diverse circumstances and their inward thoughts. It also helps you to understand your type and traits helping to improve yourself according to that knowledge.