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Illusions And Delusions - Stories of The Heart, Soul And Mind

by Pragya Singh

ISBN: 9781545702581

Pages: 148, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Eight stories—some fun, some twisted—providing an interesting look at how people function with their complex, superbly flawed minds, that trick them into believing the many illusions and delusions, they tend to spawn. It’s a vast and private universe, you’ll be glad to have entered, as you meet a troubled magician, an incorrigible sadist, a pesky aunt, a displeased social media star, a misfit ghost and many more intriguing characters. Set across geographies, genres and even the universe, they offer a glimpse into familiar lives, entangled in worlds rarely visited. Somewhat unsettling, deeply moving, and extremely compelling, this book will take you somewhere new with the mundane thoughts whirling inside your head—touching upon your doubts, fears and over-thinking psyche. At times you’ll find yourself grinning in an I-know-it-all-too-well kind of way and laughing out loud; at others you’ll feel like throwing your hands up in despair, utterly outraged—staying thoroughly involved however, in the stories brought to life in this phenomenal anthology. Pragya Singh is an award-winning writer who has worked on several ad campaigns for many leading brands while holding leadership positions at renowned advertising agencies and corporates.