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In Search of Divine Love

by Nishat Firdaush

ISBN: 9781545719749

Pages: 82, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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I am fortunate to weave a youthful delighted story. For me love, friendship, feelings and emotions are my paramount subjects to deal with. "In search of DIVINELOVE" is a depiction of bonding of a versatile teenager girl AMANAT with 30+ aged heroes RJ REHAN. Lines are fashioned in Indo-Western script. just a glimpse of bilingual language with a creative concern of bonding, trust, hidden love and hilarious secrets. KHAWAHISH is another romantic TITAN of the novel with icing on a cake like character will absolutely make you fall in love with grace. "You may have COUNTLESS reasons to love me, but I have only ONE REASON to love you, and the reason is UNKNOWN." To explore the REASON, grab it....