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Inking the Silence

by Garima Joshi

ISBN: 9781545707463

Pages: 82, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Wittingly caged in an empty cell for the world outside was only chaotic has much lovingly soothed the vortex of the emotions all felt and fed within, yet left unsaid. Impersonating the living dead part of something much dearer and rendering it a place within my refil has provided me with something more soothing -- WORDS. 'Inking the silence' is an anthology of poems and prose poems. Poems, whose esechos are fed with untamed silence. Poems, sewen out of the wool of losses and gains that have influenced my life deeply.I consider a heart too clichè and too brimmed to be filled with more only to watch one's feelings being buried deeper and deeper until they could be felt down the core. So, I decided to carve them over pale sheets, to keep their scent alive and read them daily.I hope you guys enjoy 'Inking The Silence' as much as my pen enjoyed to bleed.With utmost care I have placed every verse for I was aware of its veiled fragility. I wish much lovingly, these verses tempt your eyes and seep in through your being.Much Love,Garima Joshi