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Ishk Shaher Aur Tum - The Untold Stories of Ujjain

by Abhishek Nagar

ISBN: 9781545708774

Pages: 73, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Ishq, Shaher Aur Tum... The untold stories of Ujjain are a collection of various short love stories based in Ujjain. Ujjain, City of temples. City of love peace and serenity. For most of the people, city is defined by its famous Mahakaleshwar temple and Simhasth mela organized every 12 years. But among all these, there resides a city which loves, city which needs to be loved. Sometimes the cities we reside in become an inseparable part of our life that it turns out to be our life. One can find the imprint of the memories in that city in our love stories, in our life and even in every conversation we make. After the passage of time, people start resembling you from the name of the city, rather than from your designation. When you live in small town, you will come to know that love have its own rules here. Here loving someone isn't as easy as it is in metro cities. You could be easily spotted by people, relatives or even the family members. But, can anyone or anything stop love? Obviously not! Love is as free as any bird. You can never keep it in cage. "Ishq, Shaher Aur Tum" is my effort of presenting all those beautiful small love stories together as a memory lane that can drive you to the streets of my city, and can make you feel enchantment in love. Character and their stories revolve around famous icons of Ujjain. This is an attempt to bring out the hidden meaning of love and to bring you closer to the city and city even closer to the you.