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Ishq Bulava

by Nishesh Wasav

ISBN: 9781545712733

Pages: 325, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Love! A single word of millions of feelings. Sometime it becomes reason of joy, while sometimes it becomes cause of restlessness. The word love has single identity but bringing two alone hearts closer and making them one is one of its generous duty. Sometimes love goes to war and sometimes love raises the feeling even in evil’s heart. When love rains, even soul becomes wet, and if love get offense the life becomes lifeless desert. The life becomes hell like a city without any creature. In the absence of love, the alone life and the thirsty eyes keep looking at sky in the hope of love to rain like an angel. The waiting could be for a second, or for a minute, or for an hour, or for a year, or for entire life. The heart waits for its beloved every second and keeps hoping of beloved's ISHQ BULAVA with its every beat. The book is all about a romantic tale of a couple Alok and Mansi. Alok is a young individual. His father Anirudh Sharma is a biggest name of Patna high court. He never lost even a single criminal case in his entire career. Although Alok has bachelor degree in law, he never goes to court room. Although he is son of such a big barrister, he never bothers to go to court. He had has addiction of playing of mouth organ. Every evening he goes to a long ago demolished school's building to practice mouth organ. Mansi is a pretty young individual. She is an orphan. She is a painting teacher in a private school. She is great fond of music. Every evening she goes home after school. While going home she used to stand on road to listens to Alok's music. One day Mansi comes in demolished school's building in seek of his music, both of them meets for the first time that day. How they become friend? How friendship turns into love? How Mansi knows his past. How she knows about her parent. How she fights for her rights? How she puts all the culprits of her life behind the bar. How and Why Alok goes to court room for the first time and confront his own father? How he faces the biggest name of Patna high court. What are the consequences of legal fight of a son and a father on the name of justice? ''Our judiciary is one of the biggest hope of a common man as far as seeking of justice is concern. Have we ever thought? There are more than 2.85 crores pending cases in India. For hearing those huge number of cases there are only 21k judges. Because of this only, clients become a victim of a cycle of date after date, date after date, date after date''.