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It Is All in Us - Because Some Love Stories Live Forever

by Rajat Sinha

ISBN: 9781545707562

Pages: 162, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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IT Is All In Us depicts a true love story of a two beautiful soul who managed to find love and above all managed to stay in love. But as they say never expect good for too long and this saying comes out to be true in their life. A mischievous, a flirt who never believed in love had to believe in something special. He was one who never had the slightest idea that a girl could affect him so much. Well, his perception about life and love was changed by someone. What is that interesting turn that the author is talking about ? Time went on and so did their life but at one point things went off and so did their love. Did they fall apart ? And if yes, did they manage to meet again ? The story beautifully narrates the true love and shows out the social barriers that our so called society put on us. Aarush : You know that an average a heartbeat beats about 2.7 billion times during a lifetime. My heart has already beaten 0.7 billion times before meeting you. Now it wants to beat the remaining 2 billion times for you. Just for you..