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It Is Not Late

by Professor Gold

ISBN: 9781618133236

Pages: 299, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Secret dies, when it lives with others. Secret lives, when it dies with you. It is an inauspicious year: Adam leaves Eve; Sita leaves Ram. Their names have changed and so their stories. Now, their Love is no more. What made them go apart? Can they be together again? Is Love truly unconditional? Does Love die? Does Love exist? It is a story of modern Ramas-without-Sitas and ultramodern Eves-without-Adams. The secrets of Adam and Ram: two different myths of love. As Love dies fast in the age of 4G, will these Two Secrets survive or will they perish? It dies, when it lives with others. It lives, when it dies with you. #Secrets. It is your choice, to kill or to let the secrets live. You can choose now, before… …It is too late.