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Jaya Samhita - Book One: The Cause

by Karna Yadav

ISBN: 9781545708767

Pages: 283, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Ved Vyasa did not write the Mahabharata. The epic that he wrote was called Jaya-Samhita. Containing some 8800 verses, it was a treatise on war and politics. It contained the truth about the Kurukshetra war. The word Jaya means victory and Samhita means collection. As the name implies, it explained the principles of victory. It answered the fundamental question, why some people win while others lose? The Mahabharata on the other hand is a combination of two words, the Maha meaning great and Bharata refers to Arjuna. The word Mahabharata when literally translated means the great Bharata or Arjuna. As is apparent by the name itself, it was written with the sole intention of glorifying Arjuna. The Mahabharata of today is the corrupt form of Jaya-Samhita. However, if one studies the Mahabharata minus the legends and supernatural phenomenon, replacing these with simple, scientific explanations then the original Jaya-Samhita reveals itself in all its glory. Buried somewhere under the 100,000 verses of the Mahabharata are the 8800 verses of the original Jaya-Samhita. This book is an attempt to unearth the truth. It is a modern interpretation of the Mahabharata. It is based on the Mahabharata but it is not the Mahabharata.