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Journey to Atlantis

by Ms Aakansha Borthakur

ISBN: 9789388381147

Pages: 95, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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A group of high school kids, called the Perfect Bondage from Florence Scrooge High School in Alaska go for an excursion to Alaska Woods along with the other classes. But they lose their way as they enter the thick mysterious woods and end up in the island of Lucaris. They meet a new friend there, Gretl Nova, who has come to that island in search of a hoarded treasure. Then they come upon an inscription written in Ancient Greek and soon find out the translation from the pile of one of the group's girls, Becky's books. What did that inscription mean? Then they come upon a number of obstacles, finally reaching the lost city of Atlantis, where they make friends with two major Atlanteans, Carnaxa Crehonerex, the current princess of Atlantis, Siphonei, a commoner, who was the friend of the super villain of Atlantis, Carel Atlaniphon (Carnaxa's cousin), who was also known as Carel the Wicked. How and why did he become wicked? Were the teens along with the Atlanteans able to defeat him? And what about our heroes? Were they able to go back to their own world? If you wanna know the answers of the questions I asked, guess you have to go through this book. 'Journey to Atlantis' is a young adult fiction book that compiles adventure, romance, comedy, friendship and a lot of facts about the hypothetical and mysterious city of Atlantis.