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King and Tribes

by Bunsy Dev Jangam

ISBN: 9781545712931

Pages: 62, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The book 'KINGS AND TRIBES' is about two kingdoms which had their own traditions and customs but in between them arise a cunning fox which created rivalry. It is true that problems come and go but it must be us who should try to detect the root of the problem and try to solve it. Here, it is in the form of kishak who tried to gain profit ended up with nothing. This book also includes the maturity of a human being as it will be seen in the characters of peter who is the smartest and Kitar who is the strongest. We can also observe in the book that there is a similarity mentioned between the two kingdoms because despite of their amount of treasuries each has got, they both got their smartest people in the entire kingdom. Some of these people can be architects, doctors, scientists, inventors and chemists who played their utmost role in helping their respective kingdoms. I think that this book can give people an idea about how kingdoms had battles not only with an idea of capturing and expanding but also with small misunderstandings. I assume we all have known kingdoms as a place of civilizations with developing technology and also with monarchs who tried to expand that kind of kingdoms. But my favorite would be the scene in which all the characters realize who was the main culprit all along the story. This book also conveys about love as it can be seen in the scenes where lovers meet finally in the climax out of anxiety.