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Kitne Dafe - A Story of Unpredictability

by Amit Pandey Meet

ISBN: 9781545708293

Pages: 231, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Kitne Dafe (A story of unpredictability) There was a mediocre boy in the small town of Utter Pradesh, India. Who was unaware of engineering world and became the first engineer of his village. At the time to start his career, He started loving a girl to make her story a triangle. Daily he searched old pockets back to collect the coins. When he had gathered 5 bucks, he use to went the nearby shop and always bought the biscuit which had high calories and fat so that he wouldn't get hungry for long. A Story of Ambrish who struggle for success and love in his life. Did Ambrish met with Bhavya? Did he get his dreams? Who won the game? Get ready for the marvelous work done by a semi engineer