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Leaves in The Wind

by Lovely Dutta Prusty

ISBN: 9781618137210

Pages: 108, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Our happiness in life often rests on the relationships we nurture with people and things around us. Sometimes, these relationships uplift us and sometimes they break us. This is a collection of twelve short stories based on real experiences of simple people who are often neglected or lost in the intricate web of life. The stories are an attempt to reflect their emotions, dilemmas, loss, pain and personal struggles. The characters represent the common man or woman ensconced in their mundane lives, yet who have their own stories to tell. Harihar, in Family Matters, is a failure as a father, unable to guide his own son, but he gets a second chance to redeem himself when he fathers an illegitimate child and decides to take onus of his family. Anita, a bored housewife, longs for love and passion and is unable to break away from the man she secretly loves inspite of realizing that she is breaking the sacred bonds of marriage. Sai, a young boy, displays aggressive behavior because of the cruel way his stepmother treats him. Swami and Gowri is a childless couple who have nothing to fall back on when their meagre property is snatched from them. They are the casualty of a fast developing IT city. Ilaa is a young Marathi girl who desires to obtain an education but is forced to get married. All the other characters have similar tales to share.