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Liability Insurance With Policy Wordings

by Sudhir Kumar Jain, Sanjay Gupta

ISBN: 9781618135742

Pages: 372, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Liability insurance is considered a neglected branch of the insurance in India, unless it is mandatory under any law or contract. The basic coverage in each liability insurances are death, bodily injury or property damage or financial loss. In our country, the literature related to liability insurance either not available or limited from the insurers who share the information at the time of buying such insurances. Normally no one has the knowledge other than the product purchased by him. In this book it is attempted to explain the technical terminology with examples to make it easily understandable to all. About 15 liability insurance products are discussed under Statutory and Civil liability. The products are Public Liability Act 1991, Employees Compensation Act 1923, Third party Liability under Motor Vehicle Act 1989 and Clinical Trial Policy under Drugs Control Act and under civil liability i.e. Public liability (Industrial/Non Industrial risk), Product liability, Directors and Officers liability, Commercial General Liability, Kidnap, Ransom and Hijacking Liability, Cyber Liability, Product contamination liability, Carrier Legal Liability, Error and Omission Liability, Professional liability. At the end of each chapter the policy wordings is annexed. We are sure that no such book is available in the market till date.