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Life Insights

by Sanjana Butala

ISBN: 9781618133854

Pages: 79, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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if your food was not digested and your kidneys had completely failed. Maybe even your lungs failed to breathe and so not a single part worked. Just feel that for a second and you will realize how obliged you are to your Life, that fills you up with mood and energy to do all that you do — talk to your friends, eat your dinner, enjoy the rain, smell the flowers, see your loved ones each day. You do it so easily. Have you ever thought of a day when you wouldn't be able to have your meal, or smell the moist soil after the first rain, or maybe not see your loved ones ever again? It is Life that stands in front of Death and faces it each second so that you could live a bit longer. It acts as a Messiah before every door that leads you to Death. And I can assure you that the more you appreciate Life and enjoy every moment that Life fights the battle for, you will see your life increase instantly. For Life receives its vitality and force from our joy. Each time we show a bit of happiness or savor a moment, we give Life the vivacity to fight on. Death does not lie in our hands, but Life does.