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Living Dowry

by Abraham Verghese

ISBN: 9781545708705

Pages: 296, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This fiction is set in Nedumanoor, in south Kerala, an imaginary village. The time scale of the story spans from the 1930’s to the next millennium with three generations in focus. Kunj, a school dropout was deeply in love with a beautiful girl, Marria. However, Marria was not smitten by him. Read how Kunj managed to marry her and from then on how Marria became a “living dowry” for his family. Several people and social factors controlled how life proceeded for Marria in that society. The story has exploitation of women, skewed romances, a wrestling match, marriage brokering, school teachers, Church pastors, and so on. All these are woven to make an interesting reading and an insight into the rural life that once existed in Kerala, the state which has the sobriquet “God’s own country”. Do these happen even today? It is for the readers’ to judge.