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Loktantra Aur Nadi

by Achal Pulstey, R Achal

ISBN: 9781545713587

Pages: 65, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Lokatantra Aur Nadee - This poetic collection is a poetic presentation of sensation, rebellion and anxiety, with social, political, religious environmental pollution, especially with picturesque depiction of mountains, rivers, socio-cultural, religious relationships of rivers and their pollution. Poetry of this poetry collection challenges the ideological pollution. The reader hurts on the consciousness. In these poems of Poet -Achal Pulastey, there is the pain of the River Ganga, so there is the pain of the Wind and the Earth. Somewhere there is a pain posed by ideological pollution, so there is a sad story of destroying villages. There is ego of some books, so there is a river screaming! Wherever the poet questions the definition of sin, then he warns that— Do not be afraid of the river of democracy. Fear your flimsy waves; because the river that is visible in the eyes, suddenly turns into a catastrophic catastrophe. (lokatantr kee nadee ko mat chhalo\isakee gum sum laharon se dara karo\kyonki nireeh see dikhane vaalee nadee\achaanak pralay mein badal jaatee hai.) In this way these poems define the relationship of development with the hypocrisy of democracy, patriotism and treason, and sin-worship, religious-social hypocrisy and terrorism, Naxalism, and ultimately condemn the selfishness of man.