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Lonely Decades Stormy Moments

by Ankur Panwar

ISBN: 9781545708590

Pages: 154, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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In search of Love, I travelled more than 25 countries. The book tells, how & where I found it ultimately….. These poems have been written in an interspersed fashion spread over time frame of two decades. As the title of book suggests, it covers decades of loneliness and small moments of steamy, stormy experiences….in between. This compilation is capable of inspiring hope even in the most dejected and rejected ones. It makes you believe that there is always another day, sun will rise again. Some of the poems are fantasies, some romantic, some erotic, some very joyful, some gloomy. But yes you can feel the rhythm, you can feel it coming; you can feel rising of crescendo. And yes no matter how low-spirited one is, the poems have such hidden energy that these can make one feel like a rock star in his high. These have the potential to make a depressed person stand again on his feet to try again. Compilation will definitely take you on a roller coaster ride. I was left undulating after finishing and hope you too may shiver on reading… Book tries to appeal that you don't have to close the doors on life as beautiful surprises are hidden in the girth of future…… As if one is alive, anything is possible. As the book is based on experiences and lessons learnt, hope it will be a guiding source to youths who not only have dreams but also the courage to follow them….