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LOVE 71%

by Baljeet Singh Yadav

ISBN: 9781618134790

Pages: 117, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Few incidents in our life have such strong impacts on us that, things change almost upside down for us. The way we think, what we believe in, our goals and our priorities get changed within a short period of time when life brings such incidents to our life. Abhi and Shraya are two High School students who meet each other at an institute. Both are beautiful and have ravishing personalities. Their destiny gradually brings them closer to each other, and consequently, they develop a very strong affection for each other. They could hardly stay away from each other. But life is full of unexpected turns. Though they knew what they feel for each other, they express it with their actions. But their destinies interrupt so frequently whenever they are about to speak those three magical words, that at last things really go haywire. And they never reach a meaningful conclusion to their feelings.