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Love Birds

by Ramamoorthy P N

ISBN: 9781618138019

Pages: 143, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Love Birds! In this book, I am as an author of great responsibility to offer my valuable service to my lovely readers of this world, have presented my simple but valuable ways to face and take charge of our lives which are not meant to be wasted but are meant to be manifested into a maximum possible happiest accomplishment and I have mentioned the ways to handle our lovely lives to achieve this goal and there is nothing as secret behind our lives and what seems to be a secret is to be explored by our efforts during our life time and this is the purpose which keeps each and every one of us so busy and we are not supposed to miss to get this right concept and my effort is to point this particular purpose to each and every one of my lovely readers and I wish and hope that once my book starts to roll in the lovely hands of my beloved readers, my purpose of offering is done and let me pray for the wellfare of my lovely readers with whom I am not able to remain isolated and let us pray together to have a pleasant and beautiful lives mutually and my book is the medium to do this job!