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Love in Crisis - Terror of the Terrorists

by Pritis C Majumdar

ISBN: 9781545718193

Pages: 127, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The book Love in Crisis is a tales of a teen-aged girl Uma, searching madly her own parents who were arrested and jailed by the police on charge of terrorism at her six months old. She was raised by Sam Roy, a widower (70) as his grand-daughter. It is a new kind of love story too between a young (teenage) lady Uma and an older widower, Sam. While telling stories of other women of various religious sects being tortured through fatwa of clerics and sexually abused by the males right from father to office bosses, the victimized women untidily protested against patriarchal and societal terrorism. The reason, human being, particularly, women first expect love, peace and a secured shelter. Sam became much embarrassed when Uma came to know that she was a daughter of a Pakistani terrorist father and Hindu mother of Indian origin. She was terribly shocked and wept silently days after days. Incidentally, she joined and was posted as police officer (IPS) in Indian Jammu & Kashmir. She vowed to search her parents and ultimately got them. But was it possible for her to accept them? Confusion between duty to her mother land India and emotional sentiment fixed her to decide. To know her decision, you have to read the book in a single breath.