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Love - The Covalent Bond

by Ankita Pansari

ISBN: 9781545719565

Pages: 226, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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'LOVE; The Covalent Bond' is the story that describes about the special bond of love, that we share with our loved ones; friends, teachers & parents & also when something wrong happens with someone; then we should raise our voice against that. Here in this story, Rina Agrawal, a talented, simple girl with her big stage fear, came to Kolkata from Kanpur for her higher studies. Karan Kapoor, a smart & dashing boy, who used to love dancing & playing basketball from Kolkata itself, got admission in the same college. They were enjoying their college life with many twists & turns. But one day, something happened with someone. All the friends faced the situation smartly, defining the true definition for bond of friendship.