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Love Thy Angels On Earth - A Romantic Novel

by Ayyampalayam Raghavendra Rao

ISBN: 9781618137364

Pages: 347, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Jayaram was defrauded by a fictitious company in Japan having not paid the cost of goods supplied by him and he has to sell off his properties to pay the creditors and the Bank, resulting in his bankruptcy. He built his company with great care but a single transaction with which he would have profited by crores turned out to be fake. A billionaire he thus becomes a pauper. His Secretary, Sanmita, who worked hard for him feared he would commit suicide as the colossal loss is unbearable. She offers her help to be with her till he decides what to do. On the other, he put her, with his influence, in a good job with another company and assures that he would not do what she fears but would face life. He returns to his village and his childhood friend, Sanvita asks him to work in his orchards for which he readily agrees. His parents though down in the mouth for his failure in business, are relieved on seeing his composure and getting himself busy with work. After three months, he bags a lecturer's post in the city and takes leave of his parents and Sanvita. Jayaram takes on rent a flat, the owner of which is a Government official. He has a beautiful daughter, Deekshita but she is almost dumb, not from her childhood, but from a freak accident. Her speech is slurred. One day, their maid run to him and informs that Deekshita has committed suicide. Jayaram is in time to save her. The family is indebted to him. Jayaram helps in the College his co-lecturer doing her M.Phil. He goes on vacation to Singapore and while returning, a business man befriends him. But in the flight, he suffers a stroke but well taken care of Jayaram. The business man survives the heart attack and enquires about Jayaram ho informs that he is employed as a lecturer. He offers him to join the company as a working partner as he will not be able to do all the work by himself alone after the setback in his health. Jayaram accepts and solves two of the company's critical problems. Keerti is the daughter of the business man and pretty. She does her M.B.A. in Bangalore. The business man has an eye upon Jayaram to marry his daughter off to Jayaram. Several incidents take place over time and Jayaram solves all the problems. Does he marry Sanmita or Sanvita or Deekshita or the lady lecturer or any other angel, is the crux of the story. How he settles down in life is another interesting thing. We has around several angels but ignore them. This story gives us an insight into such a mistake done by us. Please read on to enjoy.