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Magic Poems

by Barli.Sowmya

ISBN: 9781618138613

Pages: 60, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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This book consists of poems and few riddles .All the poems which were listed in the book are taken care of to present them in a best way. Few of them were conveyed the mere intentions and emotions of children that will be possessed by them during their child hood .I wish to highlight the topics like cross-walk; Human values, Vegetarian diet etc. will make them learn and get to know the primitive law of safety and implement in day to day life. And few other conveyed the very beauty of Figures of speech in English .Poems like a house boat, playing-toy ,Candies ,world of kids will surely make them read with ease and enjoy .However the actual meaning of each poem is quoted as summary at the end of book. The second section will demand an apt answer from the readers. This sort of sections will basically test the ingenuity of one's and actually it does require solving any riddle. Here I have quoted few of them which again involve the kids to understand and remember the subject being used in day-to day life with logic and an ease. With all readers greetings I would wish to come up with a bundle of prose riddles in another new book.