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Mai Tere Ishq Me

by Anwar Atahar

ISBN: 9781545718568

Pages: 261, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Reading my diary, I was feeling like I am reading a story, reading a novel. Was there nothing in my story, drama, comedy, romance, entertainment, emotion, inspiration, all seemed like a complete story of any Hindi film. Suddenly, there was an impression of thoughts in my mind. People also make a lot of money from Novel and story. And movies are also made on novels and stories. And my story is also being seen answering many big questions of the current round. And the biggest question today is that in which view the world is watching Islam; My Story looks like the right interpretation of Islam. I was a student of commerce, so I could not understand anything that from where I started, and how to end it. Then I used to read many novels of Munsi Premchand and Haasim Nadeem after one after another. And today I have presented this novel in front of you, after a year's hard work.