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Maths Beyond Marks

by Arun CR

ISBN: 9789385247712

Pages: 96, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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After reading the book, the reader should appreciate basic identities of Maths and prove them. The reader should also appreciate the evolution of theory like logarithms, differentiation. The book attempts to make topics as simple as possible with the one-liner puzzles and short explanations. The first part of the book focuses on brainstorming the fundamental identities in Maths. The second part of the book contains classical puzzles in Maths. The puzzles deal with lateral thinking. The third part of the book focuses on developing Magics using the basic identities in Maths. It also focusses on how Arthur Benjamin does some amazing magic and decodes them. The final part of this book focuses on day to day applications of Maths. Readers are requested to spend enough time going through this book and avoid attempting multiple problems in a stretch.