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Mazhabi Pinjra

by Chhediram Vishwakarma

ISBN: 9781545712474

Pages: 187, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Dear Readers, The society we living today is struggling with convoluted challenges. The most critical of these are the religious tension that we encounter in society, unfortunately this is universal crisis. The blame for stirring such tension lie upon some dogmatic minds amongst us. We live in divided society today because of their corrupt mentality that aims to destroy any opposite religious worldview. This corrupt mentality has trickled into the young mind of our generation that cause them to indulge in violence and terrorism. On the other hand, there are few among us who would not imagine going down the path of violence and bloodshed. All they wish is peace in their own daily life & peace to mankind. Love and humanity is their religion. But the trap of religious polarization is like a whirl pool sucks and indulges everyone and causes the loose of life of million. This trap prevents us from sitting down with our fellow brother and the way sharing a meal or a roof. Society eats, wears and practically lives day to day life is dictated by these dogmatic framework set up by these corrupt minds. This book religious (whirlpool) trap talks about the society that lives its life trapped in a cage, barred by bigoted chains