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Mera Jeevan – Aatm Katha Ek Aam Aadmi Kee

by Rajeshwar Prasad

ISBN: 9781545703366

Pages: 86, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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The book "Mera Jeevan – Aatm Katha ek aam aadmi kee" is rather a story of a common man than that of an autobiography. The book is about a common man, living and leading a common life, suddenly rises to an occasion and starts thinking for society. He was instrumental in establishment of a degree college in the area without expecting any support from the govt or authority. The book is about the experience of the common people in their daily walks of life and inspires people specially students, how they can do whatsoever, if they desire with their utmost will and zeal. Besides in the book the author describes about various land scape of the country as the author was fond of travelling. The experience which deserves sharing and worth reading too. "Nothing is impossible and nothing is beyond reach". And above all "Agar hum kisi cheeze ko dil se chahen to sari kaynaat use milane ke liye taiyaar ho jaati hai" – the proverb used in the book and the morale of the story too.